Lazer Time Controls is an authorized repair center for Recognition Systems' hand reader products, IconTime's card terminals, Amano's card terminals, Axis cameras and much more. By simply contacting our repair department, you can obtain valuable services for:

  • RSI HandPunch 4000
  • RSI HandPunch 3000
  • RSI HandPunch 2000
  • RSI HandPunch 1000
  • RSI HandPunch 50E
  • RSI HandPunch ID3D
  • ICT Time Calculator
  • MTX-10
  • MTX-20
  • Axis 2130 camera family
  • Axis 2400 video camera server family
  • much much more .....

Lazer Time Controls maintains an excellent group of highly trained specialists, which can made made available to you. By simply contacting our sales department, you can obtain consulting services such as:

  • Access Control
  • Employee Time Management
  • Compter Networking
  • Software design
  • Hardware integration with computers
  • Surveillance and security

Since Lazer Time Controls employs its own development team for its products, a highly focused solution can be built to suit your custom needs. Contact our sales department before you embark on your project.









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