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"HandAccess", runs exclusively with the IR Recognition Systems HandKey biometric handscanner product line (see The main features are its ability to use SQL as a DB, and its fully networkable with some amazing monitoring features which connect with IP-based cameras from multiple manufacturers, such as Axis Communications, Toshiba, IDview, Pduke, Dlink, etc... It also has a dynamic multilingual feature, which enables multiple operators to use the same version in different languages (English, French, Spanish & Italian are standard) at the same time! Needless-to-say, it can work over the Internet. Here are some of the other features:

  • Door access and monitoring
  • Door management: Among the conditions that can be monitored in real time are: door forced open, door open too long, duress, and multiple auxiliary input and output conditions
  • Monitor multiple remote sites over the Internet/Wan/Intranet
  • Automatic hand template management
  • Real-time monitoring or audit trail mode
  • Easy set-up and administration
  • Truly networked access control that's easy to install
  • Built-in door controller
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Centralized or partitioned access control & monitoring
  • Comprehensive door activity monitoring
  • Remote door control, and alarms
  • Backup operation provided if any computer goes off-line for any reason, the networked doors continue to operate without interruption
  • Temporary users can be setup with expiration times
  • Definable time zones access
  • Remote Enrollment
  • Enroll users at any HandKey in the system
  • Add, remove and track users from any designated PC's
  • Automatic hand template management
  • Hand template data from the enrolling HandKey is automatically backed up on the server PC and distributed to selected doors in the system, as specified.
  • Activity reports
  • Multilingual operation which permits "on-the-fly" language change
  • Robust database operation featuring SQL
  • PC's can be setup to run in "Monitor" mode only
  • Integrated camera operations which allow for event-driven captures
  • Runs on Windows 2000/NT/XP for greater security
  • Fully customizable by our expert technical staff based on customer requirements

HandAccess© is also customizable to your specific needs. Please contact us for details.and recommendations.


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