Lazer Time Controls is a Montreal based Access Control System developer, installer, and dealer of Time & Attendance products manufactured by IR Recognition Systems, Axis Communications, and Amano Cincinnati. Since 1997, the company has strived to provide the best service to its clients, using highly experienced professionals ranging from engineers to programmers to technologists.

After successfully installing multiple HandReader terminals for use in Time & Attendance, the company decided to study Access Control applications. After a substantial review of the "Access Control" market and the HandReader, it was concluded that market was ready for biometric controlled access systems.

Being based in North America's multilingual captial, it was evident that the current PC software supplied with the HandReader would be difficult to sell. Consequently, Lazer Time Controls took it upon itself to create a new PC software called HandAccess, which would not only meet the demand for multilingual support, but the demands of an ever increasing security conscious public.

This need resulted in adding digital camera support which could make images and video available over the Internet.

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